A day in Galle Fort

Spent a day in Galle Fort a few days ago and here are a couple of snaps I managed to capture…. 

Gotta be the best fresh gelato!


The fort court
The refurbished Dutch hospital; now a dining complex
A little boutique store that caught my eye
Retail therapy!
Beach loving
My lunch – seafood curry rice at Peddlar’s Inn

Lunch at Tsing Tao 

One of my besties took me out to lunch yesterday – we hadn’t decided exactly where to go but made the sudden decision to go to the Chinese restaurant at Reid Avenue. It was my first time at Tsing Tao and I must admit the interior is quite interesting and cosy. My friend and I picked a table by the window so we had a good look at lush trees around us instead being closed up in a private room or corner. 

We ordered the fried rice with egg, hot cutter cuttlefish, fried prawns in chili sauce, mixed mushrooms cooked wok style and yummilicious lemon and orange iced tea to go with our meal. I was quite impressed with the meal and we both really enjoyed our picks. We didn’t exactly finish our orders but hey, we did ask the leftovers to be wrapped so my bestie could have it for dinner. 

We then hung out a little longer at Reid Avenue and headed over to Schakazs for dessert 

It was my first to this little bakery as well but I immediately fell in love with the small interior and pasted decor. The cheesecake was simply divine! My bestie gobbled down their yummy creme brûlée. 

We spent an hour or so there and then headed home. It was certainly a well spent day! 


Lunch at Ginger


The images alone are making my stomach growl in hunger all over again! Okay..so I snapped these images when I went out to lunch on two occasions but at the same place – first with a friend and second with my mum.

Ginger is a fusion food restaurant located by the Cotton Collections outlet in Colombo 7. Although I had been to the area on multiple occasions, last week was the first time I dined there.

On my first visit, I ordered a pasta which I thought was the simplest meal I could order on my first try. I do like Thai food very much and the description of the dish mentioned a red curry chicken so I couldn’t let it pass. I did like the flavour of it with the pasta although I wish the chicken had been cooked for just a couple more minutes. Would I give it another go? Yeah…probably. 

On my second visit with my mum, which also happened to be valentines day, I ordered the garlic seafood rice. Now, I really expected the flavour of the rice to be at least slightly garlic-y… but it wasn’t. The dish was like having a nasi goreng instead, which I very much enjoyed but felt that the name was deceiving. Would I try it again? Yep, most definitely.

Weekly Snap!

Chocolate lava cake

Gotta love dessert! My weekly snap highlights the chocolate lava cake I was served when I went to lunch with a good friend at Hilton Colombo. This was not something on the menu at The Wok where we lunched but the staff was kind enough to bring it from the fine dining restaurant Spoons for us to enjoy. Simply love the taste and flavour of this cake. The hot chocolate lava oozing out spooned with the vanilla ice cream is too divine. Yummilicous!