Organisational DIY’s

Sometimes I tend to do things without realizing. Like organising. Yes, I organise my things without me realising and I actually quite like it when it happens. I noticed the other day I had organised a few bits and bobs and thought I should share the tips with you all.


I had this little rectangular basket in one of the bathroom cupboards. I didn’t realise that I had stored all my little sample tit bits and travel sized lotions, hand creams and shower gels in it. So here’s a step by step guide as to how I re-organised them just for you all to see. Oh, I’ve got a mini candle in there too, a face exfoliating thing (I think I’ve used it only once or twice), an extra travel toothbrush, hand sanitizer, a soap bar and a tub of Vaseline. I find that they all fit inside quite well and was easily stored without looking too shabby.


Now, this I know I put together with a lot of thought because I do value all the products I’ve bought and also received by Spa Ceylon. Yes, I have quite a few things and yes, I do use nearly each and every one of them. On the far right I’ve placed all the hair care products in this floral jewellery holder. The middle includes all the foot care products like my favourite foot mist with peppermint! The left holds the two foot soak tubs and the centre front part holds travel sized shower gels, a body scrub and a compress which I am yet to use with one of the bath and body oils.


Now this is something I’ve made use of instead of just hoarding it somewhere in my closet. I got a gift set from Victoria’s Secret and the products came in this vibrant pink heart-shaped case. Once the products were used up, I didn’t quite know what to do with it so here’s how I’ve organised a few other essentials of mine. I’ve got an extra face scrub in there along with a scented candle (lavender my favourite!), my L’Oreal eyes and lips makeup remover, and my lavender bath salts. See how pretty they look, all organised together 🙂

I hope this somewhat gave you all an idea as to how every day items can be used to organise other bits and bops around your space.


Makeup be gone!

Hey, so here’s something I never quite realized until this morning – I’ve got four eye and lip makeup removers! Say whaaaat!


My favourite is the L’Oréal Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover which I reviewed sometime back. This really works well on my eyes and lips even when I have a lot of makeup to get rid off. It has a relaxing fragrance that isn’t too strong or cause my eyes to twitch so that’s a big plus point for me.

Clean & Clear

Second in line is the Clean & Clear Soothing Eye Makeup Remover. This does work quite well on the eyes and layers of shadow but you need to use a lot of product to get results. No harsh fragrance on this one either and no twitching feeling in the eyes. Overall, I like it.

Elizabeth Arden

My Elizabeth Arden All Gone Eye and Lip Makeup Remover comes in third place and this is mostly because it does quite the average job in getting rid off my makeup. I was disappointed to say the least with this product because I expected it to work wonders. Goes to say that there are some drugstore products that work way better than some high end products. Oh and it’s got a bit of a medicinal fragrance that really puts me off.

Wet & Wild

At last place we have my Wet & Wild Eye Makeup Remover. Beware of its awfully strong smell. This put me off right away. Apart from that I’d have to say it does an o.k. job but not a great one, which is why it comes in fourth place. Formula needs changing! 

That’s just about it. If you have tried any one of these do comment and let me know your thoughts!  🙂