Inspire and motivate 

2015 has been hard on me. I’m not complaining but I’ve gone through a whirlwind of situations, struggles and emotions that it’s kind of taken on a toll on me. 

I’ve tried my best to remain positive and upbeat, to look at the good things in life and find proper meaning in my life just to get through each day. 

This journey has not been easy and the worst isn’t over yet but I’m hopeful and eager to see what 2016 would be like and bring into my life. 

I still cling to the idea that your happiness lies in your hands and that no one but you can control your life. Learn to motivate yourself even during the worst days ever because you only have one life to live. 

Be inspired by looking back on your life and the things you’ve achieved this year. I’m amazed I even got through some of the months. But here I am and here you are too! Give yourself a pat on the back and celebrate yourself. Don’t give up on yourself and the dreams you hold inside. Next year could be yours; the year everything comes right. 

Much love to you all! 




 As humans, I think we’re programmed to never or hardly be happy with how our lives go. Things seem to be looking up right now but I don’t know if I’m happy or not. I think it’s because I still haven’t got back to my writing but nothing seems to be motivating me. I attended a couple of events and thought about reviewing a restaurant or two but even then, I am not completely motivated. I think I’ve still not found myself… Figured out what I want in life or who I am. Like I’ve said before, these things don’t happen overnight. Just because things are looking up doesn’t mean everything goes back to how they used to be…. It’s all about keeping a positive attitude and outlook on life…..