New pieces of jewellery 

I’ve been collecting sea shells for years and I’ve got a good collection from all parts of my little island. I’ve sort of run out of where to keep them all so I asked my friend to create pieces of jewellery for me out of some of them. The following three images show three different pieces but I’ve a total of ten new pieces.

Gorgeous wristlet


Layered necklace


Stunning ring



A little DIY


I’m not a huge diy type of person although I like purchasing what others make themselves (lol). But recently I came across this turquoise bead/stud ball and thought I could really make some use out of it. I actually found it in my mum’s room amongst a bunch of junk so I thought I could attach a plain thin chain and have it as sort of a pendant. It took me a while to get the chain attached to the teeny hook but after multiple attempts and chipped nails (tweezer didn’t help) I did it and here’s the final product!



All black!

Went out to dinner with my gal pals for an Indonesian food promotion held at Hilton Colombo Residencies last night. Here’s what I wore for the occasion:

Sleeveless black dress from Mondy
Black leggings from H&M
Black bolero from Kelly Felder
Silver necklace from Dressup
Kitten heels I received as a gift