An art piece at the Barefoot Gallery that caught my eye. 

Isn’t it a beauty? 

Archaeology of being

I would possibly have mentioned that I love visiting art galleries in Colombo. I tend to go to my favourite one – Barefoot Gallery – once every month.

So I was contacted yesterday to meet the artist who is currently exhibiting at the gallery. Alex Stewart created a fine line between cultures and methods in his work. His fine detailed and intricate works of art are a thrill to the eye.

I love that each individually give way to a larger and more complete subject and that the viewer is able to make up his or her version of these stories as per the eye sees.

Trouble on the shoulders?

This one in particular caught my eye for some reason. Firstly I admit it was the colour that was used but the longer I looked at it the more I realised it was about the struggles and hardships we have to bear on our shoulders every single day. They are hard and heavy as rocks but when the hurdle is crossed, lightness will come. That lightness is depicted by the angel holding wings at the top of the mountain.


There’s the appearance of the Trickster. The inage that fools around, causes trouble and pain in our lives. He makes appearances in almost every painting but occasionally so does the Angel. This painting in particular reminds me of the good and evil in the world.

An intimate moment

A couple shares an intimate moment in this painting. Once again I simply love the colours in use and the beautiful detailing. It almost looks like a fairytale night, a sensual feeling feeling the air with love and affection, the stars shining bright above and a glow surrounding the couple. There are good times in life that need to be cherished. We need to be grateful for what we have in order to be happy in life. What we have, we hold in our arms. The rest doesn’t matter. 

Guardian angel
The second son

The exhibition will run through the month of May at the Barefoot Gallery. Do pay a visit if you happen to be around the corner.