Life will break you


Nobody ever said life was easy. The worst part is it is never truly all that hard either. Life is about simplicity and how you adjust to it. In today’s world where simplicity is lost, hold on to what little you have and be thankful. I know I am thankful for what I have in mine. It’s not everything I ever wanted but it’s more than I could ask for and that’s good enough for me. I have love, I have strength and I have faith. I too believe it’s important to love and feel as much as possible in this world. What becomes of life if we do not risk it all and feel from every inch of our hearts? Life would be so bleak. Love isn’t easy either but love is simple in every possible way. For the most part, you fall in love without even realising it and that’s the beauty of it. The way it whisks your heart, the way it makes you feel at the dead of night, the way you hum underneath your breathe just because you’re happy…. the way memories fill your heart and mind at every moment every single day…the way your entire day revolves around that extra beat in your heart… Risk it all for it’s worth it. Life will break you if not love.



It certainly is the best choice you will ever make – not to care about what other people think. It’s a hard choice, one that comes with a few hurdles and hardships but it’s definitely worth it. Why should you have to care about what others think? Why should you have to put up with listening to negativity and disappointment? None of those feelings are worth the peace of mind you have when you make the choice of not caring. It’s not about you being heartless or ignorant but it’s about being more self sufficient and confidence and also happy with who you are. 


People that matter 


It’s important to surround yourself with people who truly care about you – not just for that very moment you need them but also at other times. It’s important to have someone in your life who completely understands you even when you don’t make sense and still can make you feel better when you’re sad or hurting. 

He or she may have been a part of your life for a decade or more or even less, but it sure feels like they know every inch of you. He or she may not live close by anymore but distance has never been an issue. He or she may have other priorities in life but they’d make it a point to keep in touch and see that you’re doing okay. He or she may be the closest thing you’d have to a damn good friendship so do not ever take them for granted or let them go. 

It’s important for them to be a part of your life and for you to also be a part of theirs. Know this and do not take a single moment for granted. Allow them to help you feel better, lean on and take away the pain. Allow them to make you feel important every once in a while. 


Patience is a beautiful thing


Life tests us in so many ways and I think the toughest test of all is to have patience. Nothing happens in our own time. As a Muslim I’ve come to believe and also understand that everything around me happens if and when God wills. Nothing happens without his judgement. So regardless of what we desire, regardless of what we pray and yearn for, regardless of the countless number of promises we may make, we have to be patient in order for things to happen. Not everything that happens are what we would have had in mind. We don’t always get what we want and in these instances we need to believe that we have been given the best of what is required for that very moment and be content with that. Have patience for it is not just a virtue but also a quality in you that will help you and guide you to be strong, independent, and willful in your own way. 

Have a good day everyone!