Metamorphosis III

When I am with you

It’s like nothing else in the world matters. 

It’s just us, you and I. 

When I am not with you

The world envelopes me

Keeps me away from reaching out to you

There are walls between us I cannot climb 

And it’s not just us anymore. 

It’s the universe and you. 

And it’s just me. 

Of you 

I’m making my way towards home

I like walking if the weather is good

I avoid the puddles from last night’s rainfall

And the cracked bits of pavement

And I think of you….

I reach home and I head straight to my room

I undress and get under the sheets

Gathering all the pillows and the cushions

Making myself comfortable

And I think of you….

It’s late and night and my mind is wandering

And I think of the day’s events

I make lists for the next day

And as I drift off into slumber

I think of you…