Romantic bohemian – tips + trends

I’m back after a two week hiatus to India! I gotta say, it was quite an amazing experience traveling from one city to another and I’ve so many wonderful pictures to share with all you, but of course I’ll leave that for another post. Right now I’m going to be talking about another spring trend I’ve seen pop up literally everywhere including India and right here at home in Sri Lanka and that is the romantic bohemian trends.


I find that this particular trend is somewhat a fusion of prints and textures and that’s something I like a lot. My closet and clothing is pretty much a combination of 80% prints and textures so yeah..!


I find that loose tops are a great part of a bohemian look and the white top with blue embroidery work is something I bought myself while shopping in India at one of my favourite stores in Global Desi. It’s actually kind of a long dress with an asymmetrical bottom which I absolutely love. What makes this trend so special and unique is that you can mix and match items you probably already own in your closet and just make it work. A baggy long tee can be used to create a bohemian look if you just team it up with some long beaded necklaces, a tassle handbag and perhaps a hair adornment to complete it. All you gotta do is make it work!

vestidos verano 2015 India Style

Bold and bright colours are a must as you can see, so dig in deep in your closet for the brightest items of clothing you’ve got. Let’s also not forget the accessories. Accessories make such a huge difference when paired well with an outfit so choose yours wisely to complete your romantic bohemian look.


When it comes to makeup, I think it’s best to keep a subtle look because you’ve already got a lot going on when it comes to your outfit but occasionally I suppose if you keep things light, then you could amp up your makeup.



Smokey eyes and eyeliners in bright bold colours are a huge rave so think out of the box when playing with your makeup. Your nails can be given the same kind of treatment; you can play with pastel shades or go with bright hues.


Black and gold poncho

As you all know, I cannot help myself whenever I drop by Odel. I was going to stay away for a couple more weeks but then yesterday was a full moon poya holiday over here and my late afternoon was quite free so I got myself dropped there for a short while. There were plenty of new selections and designs in store and at first I had an armful of clothes which included a pretty cotton printed dress, a mint green lace top and black and gold poncho like tunic top.

Unfortunately (or fortunately I guess) the dress was a bit too pricey for my liking of a cotton casual one and the lace top was a size too large and I was too lazy to go hunting for a larger size. The black and gold poncho however was right up my alley. It has a v-shaped bottom half and printed gold design on the centre as well as two sleeves.

The poncho-like top
A closer look at the gold print










Have a wonderful weekend everyone!