Colombo Flea Market 

 I participated in the Colombo Flea Market today and here are a couple of snaps:




Sold pretty much 50% of everything I took and donated the rest to the welfare society. I actually feel lighter and better now that I’ve given away stuff I do not use or wear anymore. Was certainly a good experience and will probably participate next time as well. 


Still into prints :D



It’s forever summer in Sri Lanka so I’m still in the mood for a ton of prints for the most part of the week whenever I go out. I just love bright colours when I’m in a happy mood (doesn’t everyone?) and I think it really brings out a lot of positive vibes too. What’s featured in this blog post is a top my mum got for me from a trip to India last year. It’s one of my absolute favourites. I believe the fabric is a chiffon and so it’s a bit see-through so I pair this with a black tank underneath. I just love the bold red and the added prints all over it. To be honest, it’s not an easy outfit for me to pair a shawl with because a shawl is a permanent part of my entire outfit. But I try to mix things around and also prints and pair this with similar coloured shawls.

The centre of the top has a different print and that is what is on the sleeves as well. It gives a kind of semi-casual but yet a bit dressy kind of vibe which I really like. I pair this almost always with a grey or dark pair of jeans, nude ballet flats and a printed shawl.

How do you pair your prints? Comment below and let me know 😀


Solids and prints

Shawls are an essential part of my daily outfits. I don’t leave the house without one that accentuates my look or complements it. I’ve got plenty in an array of colours and prints but I wanted to show you all six new ones; three solids I picked up from Baghdad and three prints my mum got for me from Malaysia.

The solids

These are my gorgeous solids. I got them in three completely different colours and surprisingly I don’t own any shawls in these three colours either. The first is a creamy nude, second is a pale blue and third is a plummy purple. I absolutely love these because they are super soft and comfortable. I haven’t got the chance to pair them with any outfit but let’s hope I do so soon 😉

The prints

Here are my gorgeous prints. Keeping to the spring and summer floral trend my dearest mum picked out three floral prints in a baby pink colour, purple green colour and deep blue tones colour. I love the variety here as well and I did pair the last shawl with an outfit recently. Again, the texture is very soft although different in make to the ones I got from Baghdad. Two of these are Pashminas a bit on the heavy side. Nevertheless hopefully I’ll pair these too with an outfit soon.