Let go of your junk

It’s easy to accumulate junk in your personal space. I’m not just talking about closet space, but literally around the house. If you’ve got a shopping addiction or sentimental attachment to things around the house, you know you’ve got a space full of junk that just has to be thrown away at some point in your life.

I recently participated at the Colombo Flea Market so it was a really good opportunity to clear out my wardrobe and get rid of items that I had never worn, used or wanted anymore. For those who are stuck with a bunch of junk in their space, I thought I’d share a bunch of tips on how you can let go of it all and start anew.

Start slow
It helps to have a support system. It could be a best friend, a sibling or relative you are close to, but it should be someone who is not emotionally attached to what you have in your space. It should also be someone who can help you during the cleaning out process and help you sort through the items you want to keep and/or giveaway. I did the cleaning out on my own so it literally took me a week to sort through clothes, shoes, bags and also accessories. It helps to take your time while doing this, give your mind a day or two to process your decisions and get used to giving away some personal items from your life.

When it came to clothes, I made a mental note to giveaway items that I had not worn in the past two years. Shockingly, I had so many that fit into that category so they all went into the junk giveaway pile – clothes, shoes and bags. Some of the other clothes, I made myself literally get into each and every one of them and see if they fit or if I liked how I looked in them. If they didn’t fit or I didn’t like how they looked, they went into the giveaway pile. I also made use of taking snaps of the clothes I wore and sent them to friends for approval – if I should keep them or not. This also made it a lot easier when it came to making the hard decision of parting with some of my favourite clothes that did not necessarily flatter me anymore.

I did the same with shoes (apart from the ones I had not worn in over two years). I walked around in them, did a bit of a hop and a skip to see how well I could move in them and also checked them for wear and tear. Whatever did not fit the bill went out of my shoe boxes. I had plenty of shoes that were peeling and were pretty worn out so they went into a separate waste pile. I had to do the same with some of the handbags I owned. Some of the straps were beginning to peel, some had discoloured with wear and others…well, I just had not used and didn’t see myself using.

Hard decisions
I have to admit that none of these were easy decisions to make but I felt like this would not just cleanse my closet, but also help cleanse my soul (getting all sentimental here). I felt like I needed a change and the best way I could do it was to get rid of the junk in my personal space. When it came to my accessories, especially earrings, I dumped literally every pair I owned into the giveaway pile. I have not changed my earrings in over a year and did not see myself wearing another pair so why collect dusk over the space? I also wear the scarf around my head so my ears are covered (hence the no need to change earrings) so…out they went.

With everything that I had left, I began reorganizing. Do this in the most convenient way possible that would make it easy for you to find items in your wardrobe. Hang every top and dress you own and pile away the pants and jeans. Cardigans and other add-on items of clothing could do into another pile and space in your wardrobe. Organize this way so that it helps you when you have to get ready to go out. I also find that labelling boxes (I use boxes for my add-on items and shoes) helps because I know exactly what item is and do not have to pull out clothes and make a mess of my closet.

Use these tips to do the same around the rest of the house – the kitchen, the living room and so on. There’s plenty of unused items that someone else could possibly use so think of it as a sustainable way of clearing out your space. If you do not want to do this alone or have a sentimental attachment to things, get someone to help you. Do not rush the process. Be mindful of what you are giving away. If someone else can reuse it, donate it. Otherwise turn it over to a sustainability organization like the Colombo Flea Market and they will recycle it.

Good luck!

**As published in the Ceylon Today newspapers**

Colombo Flea Market 

 I participated in the Colombo Flea Market today and here are a couple of snaps:




Sold pretty much 50% of everything I took and donated the rest to the welfare society. I actually feel lighter and better now that I’ve given away stuff I do not use or wear anymore. Was certainly a good experience and will probably participate next time as well. 


DODO Footwear



It was just about time that someone decided to locally manufacture a solid and high quality pair of shoes in my country. It’s not that the men in Sri Lanka do not enjoy shopping abroad for essentials (because they do!) but it’s also says something when a pair of shoes are locally handcrafted and manufactured for the market.

The trio at Zealous have been busy developing a handcrafted loafer, to be made in Sri Lanka for some time now and launched their first mens footwear collection last December. All raw materials from the sole to the handloom fabric are locally sourced and put together in Colombo. Seeing as each shoe is handcrafted, this has allowed them some liberty on how the final product truly is more than the sum of its parts. From leather to the label that nestles underneath the heel, the trio have put in a little more thought into every part that makes up a Dodo Footwear


The handloom industry is currently regarded to be in a slump in Sri Lanka, not because the artisans lack trade craft or skills but because they lack proper channels to display and market their craft to a new market, be it local or international. The trio behind Dodo intend on changing this by developing products that satisfy the expectations of the modern consumer while preserving what makes each handcrafted product unique.

Our focus is providing a truly handcrafted product to each one of our customers because at Zealous, quality always trumps quantity.


I find the footwear to be made of the best of quality and the attention to detail is also impeccable. They are a solid and comfortable pair of mens footwear and I hear they are also in the process of creating a line for women as well.

Prices start at Rs. 3,500 for each pair and one can also opt to pick a different colour from their colour chart to personalise their Dodo footwear.


For more information, check out their Facebook page!



Organization tips! Part 1

I’m a neat freak and this isn’t something new. I’ve always managed to keep my belongings and surroundings neat and tidy at (nearly) all times of my life. I love making sure every object and item has it’s own place so this makes it a lot easier to be organized. I know many of you out there are probably rolling your eyes or would not bother reading the rest of this post but I do believe that it’s important to be organized in order to have a good life. It’s isn’t the most important thing in the world – but, it does help with having a good attitude and positive outlook every single. Messy rooms and areas in your house can create unwanted tension and cause a lot of stress. Keeping things in order therefore will keep your mind happy. So, I’ve decided to round up a few organisational tips – some that I have come across while reading and some of my very own. Hope this helps, and good luck!


1. Keep your scarves and shawls in a separate organisational space – This is something I personally do because my outfit isn’t complete without a scarf (shawl rather). I have mine knotted and hung on the IKEA Komplement Multi Use Hanger. I have two of these and boy aren’t they so handy to have around. They aren’t enough to hang all of my shawls (because I have quite the collection) but I find that for my casual and daily use shawls, it does provide the best kind of organisation space. Arranging them according to colours is also something you could give a try but I just basically hang my shawls wherever there is a free ring. I have a smaller metal multi use hanger (of a similar sort) on which I’ve tied up my husband’s ties. Super handy I tell you!


2. Store your shoes in storage boxes – I’ve a couple of wooden storage boxes from two years back and I find that they are the best way to store all my shoes. Yes I am unable to see what’s inside and that might be a problem to some of you, but so far, it hasn’t been so for me. I have my shoes in two wooden boxes with closed covers and one other with an open top. In the latter, I’ve placed my every day casual sandals, slippers and ballet shoes. Plastic storage boxes are also a great idea because you would be able to see what’s inside no matter where you place them. I’ve placed two of mine at the bottom of the closet and the open top one at the front end of the closet (again, for easy access). Bookshelves are also perfect for storing shoes if you really think about it.


3. Separate your clothing – I’ve separated mine into sections; a casuals section, a semi-casual section, a occasion wear section and so on. This way, I do not need to rummage through a pile of clothes unnecessarily and I know exactly what I need according to the occasion of the moment. It actually makes getting ready seem far more easy. You’ll know exactly where your casual wear, formal wear and party wear is around your closet and wont have to waste too much selecting what you need.


4. Use shower rings or hooks – As weird as this might sound, shower rings can be used for organizing your closet space. Use the rings to hang small items of clothing like shorts and short skirts, tees and even scarves. The same can be done with show hooks. Place them in a corner space of your closet or wardrobe and viola, you have your own multi use hangers!


5. Make use of a laundry bag – Hampers and laundry bags can take up a bit of space, so why not get ones that you can hang on the inner part of your closet door or on the back of your room door? Small hampers or laundry bags can be used to store hats, belts, scarves and other small accessories that you use too.


6. Keep all documents stored safely – I’ve got plenty of personal documents which I keep in multi coloured storage files. I find that this way, I like keeping them organised and I know which file has what type of documents. I’ve got files divided for personal documents like birth certificate copies, marriage certificate copies etc. Another file for all my business invoices, one other for all customer orders, one of some old drawing and poetry (I believe I’ve never mentioned that before on my blog) and another for prayer printouts and so on.

This post is getting a bit too long for my liking so I think I’m going to separate the tips. This would be the first post on organization tips and I will have another, maybe two, posts in the weeks to come, so stay tuned if you happen to like this one 🙂



**All images were found on Google Images**