Pink Chiffon 

Ordered pretty much the entire range of Pink Chiffon goodies from Bath and Body Works which arrived in the mail yesterday! Have you tried any products in this fragrance range? Let me know your thought. 



Going green!

Some of my favourite green items

I’ve been thinking of putting together my favourite colours in one picture. Here, I’ve got all my favourite green items 🙂

Dan Brown is one if my favourite authors and Inferno was the last book I read that was by him. This colourful wallet by Lilly Bloom also made its way to the picture even though I don’t use it anymore. My oh so favoured Chic Confetti nail polish by Elf Cosmetics and Sleep Therapy Body and Pillow Mist are used nearly every other day or so. I’ve included the blouse of the last saree I wore too. It’s certainly a favourite of mine because the colour is a unique green. Cool Citrus is my favourite fragrance by Bath and Body Works so I’ve included the shower gel. The Pear Blossom Air fine fragrance mist is a new addition to my growing collection 🙂 I use my peppermint lip balm by Maybelline on a daily basis and then there is also the L’Oréal Blue Haute Couture shadow palette that has a gorgeous sea green colour I love very much 🙂

What are your green favourites?

Bath and Body Works haul


I may live in Sri Lanka but I do like to treat myself occasionally and get my hands on products available in other countries like India and the US.

I love shopping for ethnic clothes in all parts of India for example. But when it comes to shopping in the US, I go for shoes, makeup and bath and body products. 


My most favourite products bath and body products are from Bath and Body Works. My favourite fragrance is White Citrus. I love the crisp freshness and also perky feeling the fragrance mist gives. The body lotion is quite something else too. I love that it gives moisture for nearly an entire day. It’s made with the goodness of vitamin e, jojoba and shea butter so it’s ultra moisturising.

I’m also a fan of Night Blooming Jasmine but unfortunately it’s not being manufactured anymore. 

I’ve also begun to like the fragrance of Sweet Pea so I recently made an online order for the body lotion and mist. I hope I haven’t made a wrong decision and will grow to really love it as much as I love White Citrus. 



A new bath and body range was introduced in town and I was invited to the launch of its fifth store at Commons (Flower Road). Luvesence is a youthful brand of bath and body products that are based around five key ingredients including the ever favourite strawberry, mandarin and jasmine. 

Basically the brand is meant for the youth of the country – bright and fun colours that are very attractive and luscious fragrances that are tempting to the senses.  They’ve also got adorable gift packs that are ideal to giveaway when the occasion calls for it. Some of the packing reminded me of those done by Bath and Body Works but hey the to be quite frank, these fragrances come no where close to how good they are.


That’s the little gift pack I received at the launch.  It includes body lotion and shower gel in Wild Strawberry and Spanish Jasmine. 


Here’s a closer look at the items. I’m yet to give them a try but I did get a whif of the fragrances.  I love the Spanish Jasmine fragrance for sure. Wild Strawberry on the other hand has a bit of a fake and unnatural whif to it. I know many brands are unable to get the fragrance right but this is just downright disappointing.  Plus points are they are paraben free, not tested on animals, alcohol free and 100% vegetarian.