Body Shop Mini Shower Collection


I’ve got wonderful sisters who send me wonderful gifts – like this! This is a first for me from The Body Shop. So far I’ve only tried a few lippies and body scrubs but not any of the shower gels. I am however a big lover of the satsuma fragrance and this includes a satsuma shower gel so I’m totally excited about doing this review! 

All four shower gels - satsuma, moringa, strawberry and mango

First up is the satsuma shower gel. As someone who loves fruity fragrances I am instantly attracted to this one. I love the orangey fragrance. Satsuma is also known as clementine so you know you’re going to get a orangey fruity fragrance. I’m surprised at how true the fragrance is to the fruit because often bath and body products don’t get such fragrances right. This one gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Next is the moringa shower gel. I already use the body scrub so I kinda knew what to expect with the fragrance. I adore the floral tones because it’s not too harsh and not too light. I’m truly looking forward to using this tomorrow and paring it with my scrub. Thumbs up for this fragrance.

I’ve been told that the strawberry fragrance doesn’t quite emanate as a true strawberry would so I was taken by surprise when I opened this bottle to get a whiff. It does smell like actual strawberries! I don’t know what the fuss has been about and I can already tell this one’s going to be a favourite, because as I said I love fruity fragrances. A semi thumbs up!

Last but not the least is the mango shower gel. Unfortunately I’m not a mango fan; I don’t like the ripe taste or smell of it but for the reviews sake I’m going to give it a good whiff. Again, surprisingly I’m not entirely turned off my this fragrance. I kind of get the feel that it emanates a raw mango fragrance and that’s something I actually prefer to the ripe aroma. A partial thumbs up for this one.

Hope you enjoyed my review!