On this road….

Trying days. 

Lonely days. 

Painful days.

Yet, life goes on. 

The ride goes on

Wonderful days. 

Glorious days. 

Memorable days. 

The ride goes on. 

Confused days. 

Awkward days. 

Disheveled days. 

The journey goes on. 

The ride goes on. 

For yourself 

Change for yourself…..not for someone else…. 

Why would you want to change for someone else anyway? Shouldn’t they accept you for who you are? 

If you find yourself lacking in something, make the effort to change for yourself… 

If you find yourself in the wrong, do something to correct it not because of someone else but for you… 

I know I’ve changed in these past six months…. Not for anyone else…. But for myself…. I’ve changed to protect myself so I wouldn’t get hurt… I’ve changed because I felt like I was taken for granted…. I’ve changed because I was tired of ridiculed and not appreciated…. 

I changed for myself…