Ceylon Tea Ylang hand cream review 

Hi everyone! 

I received this during CFW last week as a gift. I love the Ceylon Tea Ylang fragrance so I was super thrilled to try this out. 

I squeezed a nut size amount and rubbed it onto my hands. I love the creamy yet not greasy texture and consistency of the cream. The fragrance of course is a star in my opinion; love, love, love it! 

I’ve had it on for over five hours and I can still smell it on my hands. Lasting power seems to be really great. My hands also do feel soft. 

Overall I think it would be something I’d repeatedly use and love to have. 


Goodies from Spa Ceylon 

Received this bunch of goodies from last nights showcase. I loveeeeee Spa Ceylon and this goody bag made me so excited! 

So I received a lemongrass and grapefruit knees and elbows hydrating balm, white tuberose hand cream, and five samples of other top rated products – white rose facial cleansing cream, green mint cooling foot relief, de stress relaxing body cleanser, cardamom rose body lotion and the ceylon tea and ylang body butter. 

Will post reviews soon! 

Pink Lotus 

The Spa Ceylon Royal Indulgence Spa and Store was unveiled a few days ago and I was able to attend the event under the media banner. Every invitee and media personnel were gifted with a limited edition gift pack so here’s a look at mine; 

The gift pack included the Pink Lotus collection which was launched just under a month ago. 

As always, the packaging is just as lovely and the gift bag can be reused in multiple ways. 

I’m not quite sure if I like the fragrance; lotus flowers are a bit hard to get used to and have an extremely strong scent to them. I did give the cleanser, soap bar and liquid silk shine mist a whiff but I kinda sat back with a slight headache. Maybe this isn’t for me but I am willing to give some of the products a go before I pass them into someone who may like it more than I do. 



White Tuberose Facial Masque review

White Tuberose Facial Masque
White Tuberose Facial Masque

I’ve been noticing some dark spots and blemishes on my face and I thought it was high-time I did something about it instead of letting them fade on their own. I can’t help but steer towards Spa Ceylon products because they do have a range of products for the face, made with white jasmine as well as white tuberose. I decided to go with the White Tuberose Facial Masque because I do not treat my face as often as I think I should and this would give me the excuse to do so when needed.

A creamy formula with 100% pure precious tuberose oil to gently lighten, brighten and illuminate skin. Fine natural clays combine with deep-acting white minerals to cleanse, purify and refresh skin, removing excess oil. Arnica, rice bran, and natural vitamins help control excessive oil, white licorice, green tea, watercress and bearberry help inhibit formation of dark cells. Virgin coconut oil and olive help lighten marks and discolourations, instantly increasing skin radiance. The mystical aroma of tuberose helps uplift and brighten the senses.

Now, as far as brightening and lightening my face, I’m not too concerned about that. All I want is my blemishes and dark spots to fade. I trust the brand so much so I gave it a try over two weeks ago. To use, one must cleanse the skin first and then apply a thick layer of the masque all over the face and neck. I didn’t give my neck much thought but applied more on my dark and blemished areas. Leave it on for ten minutes and then wet lightly. As you do so, gently massage the face in circular motions and finally wash off. I realized this actually took some time to do because the masque is quite thick itself. All in all, it took me a good five minutes to apply the masque on my face, ten minutes to leave it on, and close to another five to massage and wash off. I’m yet to see some results but I do love the aroma which does uplift and brighten the senses. I feel like I’m in a happy bubble every time I use it.


On the back of the jar it says to use the White Tuberose Face Treatment Oil after using the masque but I’m not a huge oil-on-the-face fan so I have not been following this instruction. I don’t know if that’s why I’ve not seen results in the two weeks that I have been using it but if over a month, I’ll probably let it go or pair it with the treatment oil.

Have you used any Spa Ceylon products? If so, what are your favourites and why? Comment below and let me know!