Garden Variety 

Essie Garden Variety on my nails! 

Swift style!


You have to admit Ms. Swift certainly has style.

I have never posted about celebrities or style icons before but I think it’s time I gave it a go because I’ve been raving over Taylor Swift’s effortless chic looks for over a month now. How is it that she looks so prim and proper, stylishly chic and perfect every single time she steps out?

A – She has a very good sense of style

B – She has a personal stylist who has a very good sense of style

Yep, those are my only two possibilities for her looking so fabulous. But on a honest note, what she wears are chic pieces of clothing put together in the best way possible.


Let’s take the above image of her for example. She’s only wearing two items of clothing – a dress and a pair of leggings. Why the complete outfit looks so great on her is also because of multiple reasons. One being that she’s going with autumn colours. Two being the dress cut is so cute and fits her perfectly. The little collar and belt at the waist adds to the overall look. Three, a contrasting bag to go with it. Effortless really if you think about it.


Now here’s a completely different look on Swift. Going all black with this outfit, we’re looking at staple pieces of clothing. A pair of black leggings, a black flaired mini skirt and an edgy black leather jacket. She completely tones down the outfit with a black bag to top it off.


Want an extremely casual look? She tops that too! Who doesn’t own a pair of white-washed skinny jeans? Who doesn’t own a plaid or checkered shirt? Yep, that’s just about it that completes this uber casual outfit for Swift. Oki, I cannot ignore the super cool pair of shoes and red cross body bag but let’s look at the clothing yeah? It’s all basics once again. Who doesn’t own basics? Of course you do, and of course you can pull off this outfit with an equal amount of oomph as she does!


What’s a look without trying to be a little daring at the same time? Who would have thought maroon, yellow and blue would go so well? It does on Taylor Swift so it should look good on us too right? Right?

I love this outfit because of the mixed and matched up colours. And that hat does it all for me. I’d think she’d look a bit silly without it and of course that bag is to die for! If you haven’t got a plaid jacket like that one, you better run looking for one right away!


Can I just say that I don’t know how she does it?

Florals have been a rave since spring and here’s Ms. Swift wearing it on an autumn day! It’s all about accentuating the best parts of your body and in her case, that’s her long slender legs and tiny waist. Keeping it light and simple, her blue and white floral dress is paired with a nude bag and equally gorgeous nude pair of heels.

Taylor Swift has a Sophisticated Sunday

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated look, here’s inspiration. How perfectly chic does she look! Pencil skirts should be a staple for a working woman and this navy one fits Swift like a glove. The cropped printed shirt highlights her tiny waist but in the best way possible and to perk things up a bit than usual, she’s paired it with her red cross body bag. Easy peasy!

Overall I think it’s easy to look at her sense of style and be able to copy that in to your every day look. For me, it might be a tad difficult especially when the weather is very tropical and I also wear a shawl (scarf) at all times and nothing revealing. I do however find her outfits very inspirational and wouldn’t mind adding a legging or bolero to an outfit when needed.



Summer trending prints

Are you seeing the prints on  prints trend this summer? 

People aren’t so daring in my country but occasionally you’d find someone mixing one print with another. Almost always, it doesn’t look well put together or suitable for the occasion. So, how does one pull off this trend? 

Two ways to it

Here are two contrasting looks. On the left one you’ll see stripes mixed with animal prints. On the right it’s polka dots mixed with polka dots. These are two ways of mixing prints to create a stylish look. You could mix two contrasting prints against one another with a solid in between or work with two light similar prints. As you can see, the polka dots aren’t too heavy on the eyes and the base colours complement one another (white and black). Typical colours that are often paired together.

The floral trend still continues so take a look at how it can be worn with more prints. 

Stripes and florals

One way of working florals is to pair a larger print with a smaller print. Do this in different ways. Your shirt can be of tiny cherry blossom print and skinny jeans in a bolder and larger print. Perhaps even the colours could complement one another. Another way to do it would be to pair florals with animal prints. For this, it’s best to stick to a similar colour palette on the top and bottom like seen in the picture – above middle one.  You could also don a bright printed dress and accessorise with another print to highlight your entire contrasting outfit. This is certainly the most daring of all ways to pair prints with prints. 

Plaid and florals

The trick is to not look overdone or too flamboyant. It’ll kill the complete look and your fashionista image. Stick to the guidelines and you’ll be good to go. I’m not daring enough to try to mix prints as yet but I sure would love to pretty soon.

Have a great day everyone! Xoxo