Starbucks Chocolate Chip Peppermint Cheesecake!

Can I just talk about how amazing this cheesecake is please?

Simply divine!

I was vacationing in Malaysia and then Singapore over Christmas and New Years and this was one of the seasonal additions to the Starbucks menu in the month of December.

I don’t really think there are words out there to describe exactly how amazing the cheesecake was. It was more than just divine. It was pure perfection. The chocolate chip layer wasn’t too overpowering and the same can be said about the peppermint flavour. Both blended together so well with the creamy cheesecake and I helped myself day after day to slices of it as much as I could simply because we do not have Starbucks back home.

I miss it more than ever right now. Somebody send me a slice please?  😀