My Saturday 

I love the weekend and so here’s a look at how my Saturday was! 


My bestie and I decided to head over to Upalis for a bit of a late lunch. We picked the Negambo black curry prawn accompanied by basmati white rice, pol sambol and papadam. The prawn curry was to die for and had the right amount of spice and favour! Soooo good! 

Also decided to opt for a refreshing amberella juice to quench my thirst before walking across the road and making our way towards Jagro for dessert. 


Couldn’t help but dig into the strawberry sundae. It includes three huge scoops of vanilla ice cream, strawberries and chocolate sauce. 

We also went on a quick shopping spree to Mondy but I didn’t snap any pictures from there. I did pick out a light linen black top for half off so yay me! 

Have a good weekend everyone! 


Heathcote & Ivory


Freesia and Wild Strawberries
Freesia and Wild Strawberries

I’m not a fan of overly buttery textures when it comes to body butters and even nail creams. I do understand the necessity of having a heavy textured solution….buttttt I’m not a fan, that’s all. However when I received this luxury hand and nail cream, In thought I’d give it a try because I love the smell of strawberries.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t work for me. Here’s why:

Texture was actually kind leaving towards oily and lingered for far too long instead of quickly drying up. I had to wipe my hands clean if I wanted to touch something, or else it always left a greasy stain.

The fragrance wasn’t exactly as I assumed it would be. Not much of freesia or strawberries for that matter. Just something quite else. I can’t seem to wrap my head around it.

Did nothing to strengthen my nails as mentioned in the back description.

Overall, I was very dissapointed with this product and will not be recommending it to anyone either. Luxury or not, it just doesn’t work for me.

Strawberries galore!


Visiting a strawberry farm is a must when in Nuwara Eliya. There are plenty along the way but the best I’ve come across has got to be the Adma Agro Strawberry Farm just five minutes from the hotel we stayed at and close to Lake Gregory.

Mind you, the strawberries produced in Sri Lanka are not very large in size. Depending on the elevation of the farm, some are sweet and some are sour.

Small farm
The itty bitty strawberries

I’ve always loved strawberries and to me it doesn’t matter if it’s sour or sweet. Here’s how I had servings of strawberries on multiple occasions at Nuwara Eliya:

On a tart and with chocolate sauce