Chocolates review


Yes, as weird as this topic might sound I am talking about chocolates in my post today. My husband and I headed over to Coffee Stop, Cinnamon Grand and thought we’d give some of the in-house made chocolates a try. We’ve frequented this cafe so many times but never really gave the chocolates much thought until very recently.

I have to admit the choice of flavours could do with a couple more but hey, I ain’t complaining because the flavours currently available are totally amazing. So we got a box of nine and decided to get four different flavours. Our most favourite is mint so we got three of those and then two each of the strawberry marzipan, chocolate crispy and hazelnut cream. The mint flavour one is actually a tad overwhelming at first bite but then settles in after a couple of bites. My new current favourite however has to be the strawberry marzipan. I am not even a fan of anything marzipan but I have no idea what made me go for it, but trust me I am super happy I chose two of those because I downed them like hot cakes! They are simply amazing and the marzipan flavour is actually quite subtle. The hazelnut cream one was very basic so I’d give it a casual thumbs up. Lastly, the crispy one was also a good choice on my part and I would definitely recommend you give it a try as well.

Overall, my husband and I were pretty content with our selections. I was more than thrilled about how amazing the strawberry marzipan chocolate one was. I would definitely go back just to have that one a couple more times. And for about Rs. 80+ each, I’d say they are well worth their price.

Xoxo 🙂