I pray

I pray….. For a peace of mind, for strength to find clarity 

I pray…… For trust in myself, independence and stability

I pray….. To stay composed, remain grounded and for humility

I pray…… I become the best version of myself than I can ever be

Lessons complete 

Do you think this is true? I’m a little unsure….. 

I’ve come to sort of ignore a few issues in life cuz they upset me so much before. Now I feel like I’ve become stronger so they don’t upset me as much. 

Is my lesson complete? 

Don’t be a prisoner 

I feel like a lot of times, I let myself feel guilty because I wasn’t able to change something or do something right. 

I beat myself up over little things but that never really got me anywhere. 

I realize now that some things are better left as they are. There are things in life I can’t change. 

I shouldn’t put myself down or let it get to me if I can’t change something. Some things are out if my control and it’s okay. 

No one is perfect. No one is excellent. I don’t be letting myself be a prisoner to things I cannot change anymore.