Jumpsuit ready!

I think we’re heading back in time. Whenever I see a new trend pop up on a fashion site, I find myself teleporting back in time. Whether it’s the floral prints, the hobo chic babe look, the crop tops and or even the latest jumpsuit fad, it’s all looks and trends that’s coming back from the past.

Solid tones

In Sri Lanka we’re still not ready for the jumpsuit look but you’ll find similar pants and crop tops finding their way here and there. It’s not an easy to look to carry off if you haven’t looked at how it was styled in the yesteryears. It gives a very aloof and chic look overall, something I feel not many locals can carry. For the most part, I suppose a simple solid coloured jumpsuit is a good start. Suits in solid blacks, navy blues, hot reds and even royal purples are a good choice to turn to.


On the other hand there are also the adorable and summery florals and other prints like the ones shown above. Now these can be work both ways; on short as well as long jumpsuits. Which one is best, depends on how you carry yourself and occasion. On a hot sunny day you can possibly don a short floral jumpsuit but for an evening out perhaps a solid long navy would be more fitting.

Then there are the ones with strappy sleeves, short sleeves and no sleeves. Yet again, which is best suited depends on your comfort zone and the occasion. A light jacket can spruce the look up or perhaps a cotton shawl might do the trick for a movie out with the girls.

Choose your footwear wisely
Choose your footwear wisely

Pairing your jumpsuit with the right accessories is also very important. You can opt for flats or heels – while the former will be ideal for a day time look, the latter will oomph the look and give it a very sophisticated look. Keep your jewellery simple for jumpsuits. Nothing too overbearing really, so a single thread necklace, a few solid bangles on the wrist and hoop earrings should do the trick for most occasions.

The choices are endless really - florals, prints and stripes!
The choices are endless really – florals, prints and stripes!

When it comes to handbags, you can opt for cross-body types or clutches. Mix prints with these to create a funky look and stand out from the crowd. A solid one with a printed jumpsuit, a printed one with a solid jumpsuit or even switch it all up if you’re feeling daring enough to go with it!

As published in the Ceylon Today newspapers 🙂


Under a Love Spell

I’m loving the prints trend and of course I had to opt for another handbag instead of my boring nude one and ta da!

VS tote bag

Over here people tend to call small bags like this one totes but it does have a different shape altogether kind of like a round boulder bag of sorts. Anyways this also came with a Love Spell mist and lotion that I adore and was another gift to me by my darling sister ♥

I can’t really pair it with most of my outfits so I’ll probably alternate between this and another during the week but that’s oki because this is super cute as it is and I love the purple stripes. It doesn’t have any pockets on the inside which is a negative point for me but it’s size is ideal for carrying everyday essentials when I am on go!


Saturday night out look

My look

With Japanese on the menu for our Saturday night out, I decided to keep my look minimalistic. 

My knee length black and white kurta was something I purchased a while back from India but had only worn it on a few occasions. I paired it with a black pair of leggings and chiffon shawl. It’s got pretty bead work down the front as can be see in the picture above.  The sleeves have a bit of red and bit morw bead work that give it an interesting look. On my feet are a casual pair of black kitten heels I got as a gift.

Happy Sunday all! 🙂


Summer trending prints

Are you seeing the prints on  prints trend this summer? 

People aren’t so daring in my country but occasionally you’d find someone mixing one print with another. Almost always, it doesn’t look well put together or suitable for the occasion. So, how does one pull off this trend? 

Two ways to it

Here are two contrasting looks. On the left one you’ll see stripes mixed with animal prints. On the right it’s polka dots mixed with polka dots. These are two ways of mixing prints to create a stylish look. You could mix two contrasting prints against one another with a solid in between or work with two light similar prints. As you can see, the polka dots aren’t too heavy on the eyes and the base colours complement one another (white and black). Typical colours that are often paired together.

The floral trend still continues so take a look at how it can be worn with more prints. 

Stripes and florals

One way of working florals is to pair a larger print with a smaller print. Do this in different ways. Your shirt can be of tiny cherry blossom print and skinny jeans in a bolder and larger print. Perhaps even the colours could complement one another. Another way to do it would be to pair florals with animal prints. For this, it’s best to stick to a similar colour palette on the top and bottom like seen in the picture – above middle one.  You could also don a bright printed dress and accessorise with another print to highlight your entire contrasting outfit. This is certainly the most daring of all ways to pair prints with prints. 

Plaid and florals

The trick is to not look overdone or too flamboyant. It’ll kill the complete look and your fashionista image. Stick to the guidelines and you’ll be good to go. I’m not daring enough to try to mix prints as yet but I sure would love to pretty soon.

Have a great day everyone! Xoxo