Wildlife Park at Sunway Lagoon, Malaysia

Visiting Sunway Lagoon in Malaysia is a must and while on holiday over the Christmas season, my family and I spent an entire day at this fun park that offers amusement rides, water theme park and also a wildlife park.



One has the opportunity of getting up close and personal with more than 140 species of exotic animals with its 82 species-specific exhibits at Malaysia’s first fully interactive and educational Wildlife Park. Now for my luck, it kinda poured heavily in the afternoon so some of the animals were taken to a special area to keep them warm and dry. After a good two hours, my husband and I decided to roam around and at least have a look at the exotic birds.



Now I ain’t an expert when it comes to identifying all the types of birds we saw at the wildlife park but I can tell you this much – the experience was amazing and I loved every bit of it. I love the fact that they allowed to roam around as much as they liked and there were no restrictions (except that visitors are not allowed to feed the birds of course!). The entire park is set amidst an 8 acre of lush greenery and lake which includes the Birds Savannah that we walked through.

We also came across a wooden banner that read out Tea Top Friends….or something to that extend and decided to go check that out too and lo and behold came face to face with two beautiful black panthers!





I’m so in love with big cats like these gorgeous panthers and there were also lions and tigers in enclosures at the wildlife park (I got too excited to take pictures :/)

Have you been to Sunway Lagoon? What has been your favourite experience there? Comment below and let me know!