View of the private garden from the veranda
Spend the weekend away from the city and for once, I actually feel rejuvenated. My friend and I picked a secluded and private property that housed 12 personal villas. We had not just a room to ourselves, but also our own private garden, terrace and veranda as well. 

Our little veranda – my reading nook

Our stay at Calamansi Cove by Jetwing was of two nights, and on a full board basis. I’d recommend this to anyone who wishes to stay at their property simply because ofthe excellent  service and wonderful meals available via their set menus. Taking to account that everything was inclusive of service charges and taxes, it was well worth the money spent. 

Breakfast spread

The food was simply amazing. Breakfast choices included a continental spread inclusive of a separate plate of freshly baked breads, fruit, and pancakes apart from what you can see in the above image, and a fresh juice of our choice, plus coffee or tea. 

Poolside view

I made it a point to take a dip in the pool on both the days we stayed. The ocean was just a few metres away but the waves were pretty rough so a sea bath was certainly not an option. 

The beautiful Indian Ocean
Fried rice with devilled chicken for lunch

Lunch and dinner options on both days were quite extensive as well. My friend and I decided to pick different selections off the menu just so we could try everything. Again, the courses were so good – inclusive of a salad/appetizer, soup, main dish and dessert. 

I spent most of the two days just reading, mindful meditating and with my phone far away as possible. Sometimes, all we need is a getaway to be thankful for the life we have. 


Long weekend in Kandy 

Sharing some images I captured during my stay in Kandy:

Partial view of the Kandy Lake

Random tree that caught my eye

Poolside view – I could look at the scenery forever

Had to have a book at hand – by none other than my favourite author, Nora Roberts

Sri Lanka’s oldest railway station – 1867

Capture during the two and a half scenic train ride to the upcountry

Paddy fields along the eay


Snaps from Makkah

Outer look of the Haram
Over a million tents in Mina
Inside the first floor of the Haram
Inside the first floor of the Haram
The Haram and the Kaa'ba
The Haram and the Kaa’ba
Walking between Safaa and Marwah
Walking between Safaa and Marwah
The gigantic clock tower
The gigantic clock tower












An old image of the Haram
An old image of the Haram
The Kaa'ba during Tawaaf
The Kaa’ba during Tawaaf

Here are a couple of images I managed to click during my two weeks in Makkah. I can guess that many of you are really confused about some of the names and words and places I’ve mentioned but not to fear, I’m working on a separate blog post and will give a detailed description of everything with more information as well.

Hope you all like these! Xoxo