You are valuable 

Happy July everyone!

It’s easy to value yourself according to how you are treated by others around you. This isn’t right even though many of us fall prey to it. Others cannot validate you. They do not know your worth. Only you do and therefore only you can validate and value yourself truly. 

It’s alright if others have different opinions about who you are. That is how they validate you. Deep inside, you know who you are. Treasure that and value it. There can and will be no other like you do be proud and happy to be you. It’s alright if others think you are wrong, bad, unkind, impassionate, a slouch and the negativity could go on… But it doesn’t matter because that’s their view of you. As long as you stay true to yourself, know your worth, you’re good. 

Value your life above all else because after all you have only one life to live.