Lunch at Barefoot Gallery



Another month into the year and another lunch date with a good friend 😀 Seriously, time is freaking me out because it seems to go by so fast… let’s leave that for a separate blog post and another day! So, back onto lunch with my gal, we decided to go to the Barefoot Gallery Cafe. This is one of my most favourite spots in the city purely because they also have a gallery that I frequently visit (every month).

I hadn’t been there for lunch in sometime but I do remember their food being super fresh, tasty and well presented. I picked a fresh lime juice and a healthy vegetable cheese bread sandwich for my meal – this included tomatoes, garden leaves, aubergines, celery and tomato. It’s not something I’d usually go for but it was super flavourful and I enjoyed it very much.


Good Market loving!

Ever heard of achcharu?  In short its a type of pickle made in Sri Lanka and enjoyed as a side dish and as well as a snack.  There are plenty of varieties available (spicy, sour and sweet) with vegetables and fruits. My favourites are the ones made out of fruits like raw mangoes, pineapple and ambarella.


The Good Market was initiated sometime last year and has caught on quite well in Colombo.  It’s a fair like event that brings together people who grow organic produce like vegetables and fruits, bake, craft products out of natural and hand made items and sell them all in the same place. 


It’s held on Thursdays by the Diyawanna Oya, Saturdays at the Reid Avenue Race Course and Sundays at the Crescat outdoor car park.  I love dropping by on Sundays so that I can get my hands on some yummy cakes, fresh fruit juice and of course achcharu! 


I love the cakes by both Butter Boutique and The Cakery. Each mouthful is moist and so yummilicious all the time.  Last week I had a chocolate creme tart and then I tried a strawberry shortcake which was super delicious. 


There’s also fruity popsicles, homemade ice creams, peanut butter cake, lemon meringue, all sorts of cheesecake, cookies and brownies and more. Sounds too tempting right?


Happy Sunday! Xoxo